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AZ Department of Insurance

License # 98568

Member of Arizona Insurance Claims Association

dan townsend

senior affiliate

michael peterson

founder & owner

john k. mcdougall

senior affiliate

Mr. McDougal has over 40 Years of Insurance Experience, Serving as a  Public Adjuster & Appraiser, Insurance Claims Consulting Insurance Litigation Preparation Expert Witness Insurance Claims Handling,  Owner/manager/agent of a independent multi-line insurance agency.

He currently holds  Arizona State licensing and/or credentials in:

- Property/Casualty Adjuster

- Certified Paralegal

- CP

- Property Law Claims Specialist


- Certified Real Estate Appraiser


Mr. Townsend is licensed by the Arizona Department of Insurance. He has exclusively represented policy holders for over 22 years as a Pubic Insurance Adjuster, Appraiser, and Expert Witness in both residential and commercial losses.

He has over 35 years experience as a Partner/Managing Member of a Commercial/Residential Construction Company, making him skilled in construction principles and practices. He is also accredited/certified with the Xactware Corporation, the industry standard in property damage estimating and evaluation.

Mr. Peterson is a second generation General Contractor with over 30 years of Trade, Management, & CEO experience in construction. He is currently the qualifying party for both a Residential and a Commercial General Contracting liscense in Arizona. 

He is a Licensed Property & Casualty Insurance Adjuster with over 15 years experience, an Insurance Appraiser and Umpire for Appraisal Disputes, a court appointed expert witness, and an expert in policy interpretation and also construction methods, management, and estimating. 

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Policy Holders can rest assured knowing our Extensive Knowledge of Construction & Insurance Regulations Specific to Arizona is being utilized to provide them the best possible settlement.


From Flagstaff to Tucson and all the communities around and in-between, AICS is Your Hometown Advocate looking out for Your Rights in the smallest of claims to the largest of catastrophes.

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Insurance companies have an inherent conflict of interest between saving money for their company coffers versus providing full benefits for their customers. 

This conflict all-to-often results in an inadequate payment or even a partial or even full denial of coverage. Some less scrupulous insurance companies are unresponsive or drag out the claim until their customers simply give up.

With legions of adjusters, attorney's, & experts at the insurance company's disposal, the average person filing a claim is at a severe disadvantage in the event of a dispute.

About Us

AICS adjusters are Arizona Licensed & Trained insurance policy experts who work solely for the Home & Business policyholder & NOT the insurance company.

AICS levels the playing field with it's own team of insurance & construction experts. We work hard on your behalf to secure the Full Amount rightfully & contractually owed to you under the promise and contract of your insurance policy.

Member of

AZ Insurance Claims Association