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Contractors spend countless hours with the insurer's adjusters and their "experts", measuring, estimating, photographing, and educating insurers all at their own time and expense only to simply be ignored or presented with a "take-it-or-leave-it" budget. Time that could be better spent running their business.

AICS understands the frustrations of contractors not being able to legally negotiate the settlement of their customers claim, it is a powerless position. Contractors refer us to their clients because we do understand what it takes to provide a quality job and we fight extremely hard for an adequate budget.

We create a scope of work that is adequate & fair for the work required, and welcome the contractors input and approval. Our background in construction  allows us to understand the concerns that quality contractors have, especially  when dealing with insurance adjusters, and we are very well aware of all of the issues important to your business. CALL US TODAY FOR A FREE CONSULTATION !

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Although we are not contractors, nor do we work for directly contractors, Contractors from all over Arizona call on AICS and trust us with their clients because our staff is in fact  comprised of actual working Contractors & Pro's like themselves.

We understand first-hand how frustrating it can be for a reputable and quality-conscience contractor to be caught in the middle of a property owner that rightfully expects top quality materials and labor and an insurer who has a cost-driven mentality.  

AICS shares the contractors knowledge of construction and costs, knows the intricacies of the policy, and effectively mitigates unreasonable insurer generated budgets so contractors can build.

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Building Contractor Ordered to Cease & Desist from Acting as an Adjuster without a Licence - Press Release  - May 10, 2011

The Arizona Department of Insurance (ADOI) ordered an Arizona building contractor, True-Built Construction, LLC (Weston Farnes), to stop acting as an insurance adjuster without a license. Arizona insurance law requires any person who “adjusts, investigates or negotiates settlement of claims” to have a license from the ADOI.  It is not unusual for a property owner’s contractor to discuss the details of building damage with the insurance company’s adjuster, particularly when there is extensive or complex damage. Often the contractor’s expertise is essential to identify precisely what was damaged, the extent of the damage, and the cost to repair it; however, contractors cannot “negotiate” the settlement of the insurance claim with the insurance company representatives on behalf of the property owner, unless they have an adjuster’s license.

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