A nightmare scenario, a listed property is ready to rent or sell and a car sails through the front wall. Maybe vandals or one of our infamous monsoon storms strike and the listed property becomes less-than ideal to show. Your income on your listed property then goes into limbo waiting on the interim insurer to supply their representative who is most likely not as concerned as you are about turn-around time on repairs and subsequent loss of revenue. Construction repairs are expensive and time consuming when done correctly, and you can't afford for the properties curb appeal to be anything less than prior to the damaging event if a sale is expected anytime soon for the asking price.

AICS will provide the assistance needed from emergency board-ups to the final collection of the maximum amount of recovery owed in order to get your property back to a pre-loss condition. Call us Today for your Free Consultation or to Pre-Enroll !

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AICS assists management companies and property managers in recovering vandalism and all other intentional and accidental damages caused by former and/or destructive tenants.

Even a small fire in one apartment can cause thousands in emergency clean-up and smoke damage which saturates the flooring, paint, and HVAC unit and its duct system. Then you have to consider the structural damages, loss of rent payments, and unending complaints from tenants.

Even the seemingly smallest amount of damage is very often a very substantial amount of loss, which if not collected on correctly means a substantial amount of cash out of your pocket.

Recovering the maximum amount on one claim is critical, recovering the same full amounts on several claims over a period of months or a year is essential to stay in business. Call AICS today for your Free Evaluation !

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